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Today, more than 90% of the customers find information about services and products online. Earlier, having an online presence was just a “choice,” but now it has become a “quintessential” part for businesses & brands. Do you have a business with no website? This might involve greater consequences than you can imagine.  There are a lot of opportunities attached to rightly positioning yourself in a world where an online presence is obligatory and failure to do this could lead to setbacks in your business

Here are 5 things your business could be missing if it has no website!

1. Credibility

Online presence has become a matter of trust and by not having a website; your customers might doubt the authenticity of your business. Your potential customers could get oral recommendations about you from friends and families and search for you online. These potential customers may have a rethink about you when they Google you and find out that you don’t have a website.

In spite of having unique and excellent products in the market, people fail to find information about your business as it is not online. The chances for the potential customers to have faith in you may get decreased, and you may miss productive leads.

2. Visibility

Without a business website, your business loses online visibility. If a major proportion of your business revenue is still coming from your clients from the offline market, this simply means it’s not moving along with time as we now live in a digital era. Not having a website also makes it impossible to have online customers. Everyone these days make use of mobile applications and are always online, therefore people search for information, products or services online. Imagine the daily sales you are missing out on!

3. Limited access

Limited access to potential customers is another reason why your business needs a website. Without a website, your business is limited to the geographical local of your business. This affects the growth and expansion rate of your business and guesses what? There is a whole crowd of customers waiting for you online!

4. Customer Satisfaction

Having a website heightens customer’s satisfaction. Your website can be equipped with all the necessary detailed information that your customers need. A business website serves as the perfect medium that can help you in establishing a direct relationship between the business and customer. Active interaction helps you in creating a deeper connection which will eventually help in increasing customer satisfaction.

5. Competition

Consumers are open to a wide range of products and services via the internet. The market is vibrant with an excess of similar products, and thus nearly every business has to confront heavy competition in order to survive in the market. Without a website, your business may stand irrelevant or limit the potential audiences you can reach.

An optimized website enhances the image of your business and helps you stand out from your competitors. You can expand your business to the next level by promoting your website. A well informative, responsive, and engaging website can drive more visitors to your business, and eventually turn them into long-lasting customers

Conclusively, When it comes to business, it’s difficult to scale rapidly or grow globally without any online presence, especially when you are new to the market. A website can be the gamechanger in setting your company’s online agenda as well forming the backbone of your online marketing strategies.

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