Basic Things You Should Know About User Experience

by Oluwatosin Alabi

The world of User Experience is very diverse but unique in its way. Laws of UX, Heuristics, and a lot more are essential for people to understand when journeying through the UX axis. Learning the basics is a vital step when starting such a journey.


User experience(UX) centers around having a profound understanding of users. What they need, what they value, their capacities, and it includes their limits. 

To lay it out plainly, UX is significant because it attempts to satisfy the user’s requirements. It plans to give positive encounters that keep users faithful to the products or brand. Moreover, a great user experience permits you to define customer progress on your website that is generally helpful for business growth.


1. Helpful/Useful:  A good UX design content should be unique and satisfy a user’s need.

2. Usable: Considering the products or services offered by an organization ought to be prepared to utilize. You need to assist users with accomplishing their objectives adequately and proficiently. Hence, consider the convenience included as fundamental and build up the products.

3. Attractive: The more inviting your UX design is, it is almost sure that the client who has it will gloat about it and make a longing in different users.

4. Findable: Avoid wasting your users’ time sorting out what a button should do or where they should go to accomplish something. If an element on your interface requires design, then you unquestionably need to design it. An example is if you can’t find a product, you’re not going to get it. And it is also valid for all likely users of that product.

5. Accessibility: Accessibility involves giving an experience that can be approachable by users of a full scope of capacities. If a user can accomplish his objective effectively while using your product, at that moment, you have designed something simple for use. Information planned for everybody should be available by everybody. Embracing an open user experience shows that you care about everybody and raises your brand’s esteem. 

6. Credible: Trust is a significant factor and should never be underrated. Credibility means how trust-commendable the information on your site or application is. A credible site presents real facts and details, avoiding anything erroneous. A simple example could be user audits on a website. All audits on your site should be trustworthy and fair rather than forged details to paint the genuine picture.


There is no correct response to this question. In all actuality, user experience is distinctive for everybody. The main thing to recollect when designing and planning web and UIs is that you are not your users. However, it is wrong to assume you understand what they need or what they want. 

So how would you define a great user experience? Draw near to your users. Converse with them, watch them use your product, get inside their heads and ask yourself inquiries about their choices. Your users and customers will show you, so focus! Listen, observe, and question.

It is however essential to know important User Experience will take your brand to the level you’ve always dream about because it will maintain the interest of users. If you enjoyed reading this article about User Experience, you should read reasons to hire a professional web design agency as well.

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