Benefits of a blog on your website

by Adediwura Adeaga

A lot of businesses believe that blogging is irrelevant and that the time and dedication it’ll require, far outweigh its benefits, but that’s not true. The websites of successful businesses are never static. Your blog is your first opportunity to create a dialogue with new visitors who might just become your highest paying clients. 

Here are some of the many reasons why blogs play a vital role in websites;

1. Website visibility

When you create valuable content regularly, it informs search engines like Google, that your website is actively updated. This, in turn, increases your chances of being found on the web. Blogs provide valuable links from pages within your site for external sites to link to informative topics. External links from respected sites increase your sites’ ranking.

2. Converts visitors to customers: 

If well utilized, blogging is an effective way to deepens the connection with your customers. By simply showing them that you actively prioritize engaging your customer base with guidance, news, and tips, you’re sending a strong message that they can trust in your customer service levels.

Writing reviews or sharing your thoughts on a relevant topic in a language that appeals to your target customer also helps you come across as relatable to your website visitors. Doing this will help prove to the target customers that you’re different from the competitors, and they’ll, in turn, reach out to you for their needs.

3. Depicts you as an authority: 

While it is possible to put details about what you do on your homepage, your blog gives you an avenue to go in-depth. You can give a more detailed explanation of what you do, your process, and even share stories. 

Your Blog can also be the perfect location to house your case studies. When people can find details about your work pattern, the problems you’ve faced, the solutions you’ve created, and the results you achieved, they tend to trust you more and see you as an authority in your field. 

4. Attracts relevant people to your site:

When people use search engines like Google to find an answer to their question and comes across your website, you’ve already solved a problem. The more you solve problems and answer pressing questions with your blog, the more your sphere of influence and brand awareness will skyrocket, and subsequently, purchases will follow.

In conclusion, the importance of a blog on a website cannot be overemphasized. Get in touch with us at Epower, to get us started on your dynamic business website today! 

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