Check out these 3 trendy skills you could learn during lockdown

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A lot is going on across the globe due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Companies have paused recruitment, school sessions have come to a halt, social gatherings have been banned and we have to adapt to changes we never anticipated or prepared for. 

There isn’t a lot anyone can do at this point, but, this is a time in our lives when things are moving slowly. Hence, this is a perfect time to equip ourselves with the necessary skills and prepare for opportunities ahead of us.

This is the best time to attend to the tasks you have been procrastinating. It is a perfect time to take an online course or learn a skill. This is the time to take the first step towards your dream! Yes! Write that book, start that exercise, just do something.

You need to utilize this lock down period effectively so you can come out of it a better and stronger version of yourself. Seize this opportunity to restrategise so you can be ready when the world gets back on its feet again.

 Looking to learning new skills this period? Here are some options for you.

1. Learn a new language 

Being able to speak foreign languages fluently is something a lot of people admire and wish they could do but they hardly create time to do it. So, why not break the mould and learn one or two foreign languages?

Whichever language you choose, be it French, Spanish, or German, could make a huge difference to your life when we finally get through the Coronavirus and all the discomfort associated with it.

Luckily, technology had made learning a lot easier. Nowadays, there are applications with which you could learn foreign languages online. A good example is Duolingo, which is free to download. With this app, you could learn by spending as little as 10 minutes per day, perfecting your Spanish, French, or German.

Another great option you could explore is taking virtual classes on italki. Itaki users can choose from more than 130 languages, from a bank of over 10,000 teachers. However, unlike Duolingo, Itaki isn’t free, you would have to pay some amount as the course-price. Each teacher has their price. 

By doing this, you could focus and commit to learning to speak your preferred language of choice fluently.

Don’t forget that being fluent in multiple foreign languages could also be a big boost to your CV.

2. Learn a new hobby

Let’s make this a little exciting, shall we? Read the following questions, then ponder on your answers with your eyes closed.

  • What are your hobbies? 
  • Have you ever fantasized about something you wish you could do; dancing, painting, swimming, skating, photography etc.? 
  • Now imagine that you chose dancing as a desired skill. Have you ever put in the effort to learn this?

Hey, lovelies! Make your dream a reality during this lockdown.

Studies have it that learning a hobby helps keep our mental health in check and this has a drastic effect on our life choices and our ability to maintain social contacts.

Whether you choose to learn how to do something creative like playing a musical instrument, dancing, or even Yoga, just pick a favourite, and you never know…. It could shape your life and bring you big wins after the lockdown.

3. Learn to code

Software Development is a rapidly sought-after skill and you would be doing yourself an immeasurable favour by diving into it. If coding is completely new to you, you could start by taking an online class. There are lots of opportunities for this and a good example is Code Academy. Here, you are open to a variety of free classes and also paid memberships which goes for as low as £15.99. 

Conclusively, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused worry and uncertainty throughout the globe but the best you can do is utilize this opportunity to develop yourself and shape your skills.

Before you know it, it would all be over and you would have acquired lifelong skills that could bring you big fortunes sooner rather than later.

Izuehien Mary Ngozi

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