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If you live on this planet (except you are participating in a Big Brother show), you certainly have heard so much about the pandemic. Trending daily on twitter, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is practically changing our lives, the way we interact with people and where we go.

The situation is so extreme in some parts of the world that people have to isolate themselves. Sporting events, conferences and even political rallies have been suspended. NYSC camp has been suspended too. In the meantime, businesses are closing down, our favourite celebrities are getting infected, and lives are being lost.

Nigeria has recorded eight cases of Coronavirus so far and this has put people in fear. Now, folks get furious when you touch them, hugs and handshakes are becoming anti-social and business owners are scared they might lose their source of livelihood especially as businesses have been ordered to close in hard hit regions like Italy & USA.

As a business owner in Nigeria, the smartest thing you can do right now is prepare for the very worst. If you have physical outlets, what can you do to bulletproof your sales?

Firstly, scale up your online presence

If you do not already have a website, you should immediately start building one. People should not have to come to your store to check for the goods they want. Only essential services will be allowed to operate should Coronavirus break out in Nigeria. Even if government fails to act, people trooping into your store can mean your staff getting infected and your business can become an enabler for an unprecedented spread of Coronavirus.

if you are a retailer or wholesaler or you are a service provider, you need a website you can easily use to get across your customer. You also need an active social media presence to keep your fans and customers updated. This way, you will continue to provide your services and still bring in revenue.

Why should you care? While most stores in America are shut, Amazon is recruiting 100,000 staff to meet up with surging demand. Online is where the action is for now, and the foreseeable future.

Secondly, as a retailer or wholesaler, you need dispatch riders who are well protected

Equip them with hand sanitizer, nose mask and hand gloves so that they don’t get infected during delivery. Coronavirus spreads easily and you want to keep you and your people safe.

Stay ahead of the crises, stay safe and keep your business running.

We love you and we care about you.

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