Need for speed: How we built a Jet booking website in 24 hours

by Tolase Favour

Epower is known for her prowess in accelerating the application of digital skills for economic prosperity. We achieve this by creating intuitive and fully functional websites and mobile apps for companies that seek to leverage the opportunities online to drive more sales and serve their customers better. 

Over time, we have been able to meet the digital needs of numerous brands. For instance, we recently delivered mobile apps for Movendi, a Swedish NGO. From websites to web apps to mobile apps, we build them all. A project typically takes few weeks to few months.

The Aleem Jets Experience

On the 29th of June, we received a phone call from Aleem Jets, a private Jet Booking Agency, and the request was unthinkable: deliver a one-page jet booking website in 24 hours.

From the title, you already know we built it. It’s how we did it that makes the crux of this piece.

First, Gbenga our chief story teller did extensive research on jet booking companies, studied their communication mode and chose a style designed to make Aleem Jets stand out. The copy was ready in about 2 hours.

Next, Damilola our Chief Design Officer, spun magic. Here’s how, in his own words:

“The first thing I did was ask the necessary questions. I needed to know everything about the client’s business, I needed to know if they had a brand identity yet, I needed to know if they had resources for us to utilize (Images, videos, etc.) After I was contented with the answers I got, I started brainstorming multiple approaches. The thing about this project we were about to embark on was that we needed a design that would stand out from the rest and still simple enough to be implemented with speed by our developers. I started researching competitors and analyzing their websites. I needed to know what the other players in the field were doing and how they present their business online so I’d be able to come up with an approach that’ll help our client stand out.

Alas, I was able to come up with a layout. I kept checking the time to ensure that I finished in the shortest time possible to give the developers more time to implement the design. Immediately after finishing with the wire frame and UX design, I proceeded straight to the UI design. This is the section where we have to replace all the dummy images and texts with real images and texts. I was able to complete the design and delivery before noon, after which I handed over the design and assets to the development team. It was after delivering that I realized that I had a headache…lol… but it didn’t affect a lot though. I was just so glad I was able to finish in time.”

Tolu, our Front-End developer also shared his experience:

 “I got the design from Emmanuel and learnt it needed to be hosted that same day. So we split the tasks between myself and Hammed, the backend developer. The two of us were able to complete it that day even though it meant staying at the office till 7:30 pm”.

On completing the project, the team at Aleem Jets couldn’t believe their eyes. They were in love!

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