Top 3 Issues With DIY Websites

by Tolase Favour

Most recently, small business owners have begun creating their websites themselves primarily to save money. While taking a bold step to have a website is a good one, doing it yourself with generic templates online is not an ideal step to take. 

Since you already know that your website is the first place a potential customer visits, you need to make a great first impression. A website created with a do-it-yourself approach is not likely to meet your business needs.

Here are the top 3 Issues with Do-It-Yourself WEBSITES. 

1. Your website looks like other websites

Most DIY web builders offer free templates for users. These templates have limited features so you can’t explore new designs as you wish. This results in a website that looks unbranded and generic, similar to others within and outside your niche.

2. Design is typically Non-Responsive

While building a website, one major thing the developer keeps in mind is the responsiveness of the website, fonts, clickable link size and more. A good website must be mobile-friendly and respond swiftly on desktop too, this is what a DIY web design doesn’t guarantee. Most users of this approach do not consider the fact that most of their users access the web via mobile phones, they just perform drag and drop actions which in turn only guarantees a desktop-friendly website design.

3. Search Engine Optimization is near impossible

Most DIY website builders offer little or no search engine optimization features which makes it difficult for such websites to rank well on search engines. Proper SEO helps a website rank higher on search engines, and this can only be done by professionals who have mastered the art.

To avoid the common mistakes above, hire professionals to handle your website and mobile app projects. 

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