Different website domain extensions and their meaning

by Adediwura Adeaga

Most people find it hard to identify and differentiate between the various types of website domain extensions. This issue often rises when they are about to pick a domain name for their website.

A Website Domain name establishes a unique identity for your website and makes it easier for users to identify your business, while a website domain extension is the last part of a domain name. Sometimes, a domain extension can help categorize your agency. For instance, when you have epower.ng as a business’s website address, “epower” is the domain name while “.ng” is the domain extension. “.ng” is a domain extension that signifies that epower is based in Nigeria. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the common types of website domain extensions you should know.

(1) Generic Top-level domain extensions: These domain extensions have three or more characters. domain extensions that fall under this category can be used for general purposes. Some examples include:

a) .com: “COM” was taken for the word, “commercial”. This domain name is mainly used by commercial entities, but it is unrestricted. Entities that use this domain extension either provide products or services. .COM domain extensions help to increase familiarity and SEO favourability.

b) .org: “ORG” was coined from “organization”. This domain extension is commonly used to host non-profitable organizations. .org domain extensions are non-restricted, versatile, and has a global reach. 

c) .net: The “NET” means Network. This domain extension is intended for tech-based companies and industries. This is another viable choice for website owners after considering the “.com” extension. 

d) .info: The INFO” means information. It indicates that the website serves as an informative Internet resource. Websites that use this extension are meant to inform people about ideas, places, businesses.

(2) Sponsored Domain Extensions: These domain extensions are used by specific organizations and are restricted to certain fields only. domain extensions that fall under this category include:

a) .gov: The GOV” means “Government”. Whenever you come across any website with a .gov extension, it means you are viewing a government-owned website. only government entities use this domain extension.

b) .mil: This domain extension was coined from the word “Military”, and is majorly owned and used by the United States military. Agencies, services, and divisions of the United States Department of defense make use of it. This domain is intended for military entities alone and is not available for commercial use. 

c) .int: “int” here means “international”. This domain name is used by international organizations.

d) .jobs: This domain extension is widely used by entities that provide human resource management services.

e) .travel: This domain extension is used by entities that provide travel and aviation services. some examples of such agencies include; airlines, hoteliers, tourism bureaus, etc.

(3) Country Code Domain Extensions: These are website domain extensions allocated to various countries. They are usually two letters long. some Examples are: 

.ng -for Nigeria, 

.ae – for the United Arab Emirates, 

.be– for Belgium, 

.br –for Brazil, 

.ca– for Canada, 

.eg– for Egypt, 

.uk – for the United Kingdom, 

.US– for the United States, and many more.

(4) Geographic top-level domain extensions: These domain extensions are used to target a certain geographical location. Examples of such domain extensions are; .africa, .vegas, .london etc.

In conclusion

Using the right domain extensions can be useful in letting potential customers know exactly what you do even before they visit your website, using the wrong domain extension for your business, on the other hand, can cause misinterpretation and make you lose potential clients. 

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