What makes a great website?

by Adediwura Adeaga

Websites are known to perform several functions such as:

  • Selling products and services, 
  • Improving advertising effectiveness, 
  • Improving business productivity, 
  • Saving cost from traditional means of publicity, 
  • Allowing for easy access to new customers, 
  • Educating and enlightening customers, 
  • Building brand reputations, and 
  • Improving customer service thereby expanding local reach.

However, below are some of the features that define a great website:

  1. Well-structured layout: Beauty and structure are very vital parts when acknowledging the qualities of a good website. Your designs have to be top-notch, your layouts clean and responsive. Visitors should get a feel of professionalism from visiting your website. Engage an agency that understands good design principles so your website won’t scare away prospective clients, but turn visitors into paying customers.

  2. Easy Navigation: Visitors get turned off when a website is difficult to understand and navigate. they start losing interest when they find it hard to move around or perform actions on the website. It is essential to ensure your website is user-friendly and mobile responsive so it doesn’t render beautifully on some devices and terribly on others. Also, don’t forget to add a navigation bar on your website. Though some people enjoy scrolling with their trackpads, others prefer scrolling with the good old navigation bar. Give them what they want.

  3. Mind-blowing content: No matter the kind of website you have, your focus should always be serving the audience with what they need. One way to make the audience keep coming back is to make your website’s content appealing and relatable. You can write blog posts or articles about products, services you offer, insightful tips, or useful DIY Hacks to help make their lives better. The goal is to build trust and ensure that you provide enough value to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

  4. Speed: If your site doesn’t load in less than 5 seconds, your business is at riskno one will stick with a website that takes forever to load. In order to keep people from losing interest in your site, you need to ensure that it loads really fast, and responds to actions swiftly… which means when performing actions on the site, it shouldn’t respond 2 seconds after a button has been clicked, but immediately.

  5. Security: Your site needs to be 100% safe and secure. No one would proceed to visit your website when their browser warns them that your site is not secure. Make sure you use up-to-date software, have your SSL in order, and make use of strong passwords. It might get a bit overwhelming trying to do this on your own, so it helps to engage professionals in the field to help build and maintain your website. 

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